Topics: Pakistan, Feudalism, The National Interest Pages: 6 (1224 words) Published: October 22, 2013

Sallust, a great philosopher argues, “By union the smallest states thrive, by discord the greatest destroyed.” The fall of Soviet Empire

with piles of nuclear arsenals but frail national sentiments, while miraculous victory of organized-Hizbollah, are manifestations of

Sallest’s claim. Hamza Amir in his book “Pakistan- an overdeveloped state” has revealed the fact that after independence, the

governing class was highly educated, on the pattern of the British mind set, while on the contrary the masses were miserably

illiterate. This huge gap created management crisis.

National integration is a process of achieving national cohesion, stability, prosperity, strength, and feelings of being united as a

nation. Pakistan has faced varying degrees of religious, ethnic, linguistic, and political problems that are often in conflict with our

national interest. To guard against all external as well as internal challenges to the solidarity and security of Pakistan, a well knitted

and integrated nation is a must. Lack of confidence and faith in the future of Pakistan speaks volume of our failings. All the turmoil

and unrest in the country cannot be entirely placed on the external forces and our enemies. The brute and the savage force in an

individual, which is basically harnessed by positive aspects of education, tends to get unleashed in different directions and causes

serious disruptions within society.
Factors fuelling the aggravated situation:

Feudal consider enlightenment as a challenge to their age old oppressive hold over their surfs and have a greater stake in the status

quo. Due to large holding and wealth, is always politically active in decision making regarding the common masses. Thus the power

continues to flow from feudalistic order of the society rather than a broad based popular public support. The Urban leadership,

mainly industrialists, is also following the footsteps of feudal lords. Sectarianism: with the introduction of religious parties and exploration of religion by various governments to legitimate their rule

created hell on this Land of the Pure. Different sects manipulated by external actors, are engage in alienating the simpleton Muslims

from the true spirit of Islam and are weakening the Muslim brotherhood, which is the real basis of Pakistan.

Pakistan has been divided between Enlightened and Conservative Muslims, particularly after 9/11.these opposing forces are putting

all their energies to falsify the other at the cost of national image and stability. Corruption is so deeply rooted in our public and

private life that it is threatening the very fabric of our society. An individual finds no fair way to get his legitimate rights and he feels

frustrated against this set up of looting and cheating. Caste/ Tribal system: Centuries old cast and tribal system prevailing in all

provinces is very decisive in nature. It has fragmented the society and put the people in the watertight compartments. The tribal

chieftain, making full use of their terrible ignorance and economic dependence, are pushing them into the swamp of poverty and

frustration. Bearded war Lords: Lust for money and power with a robust desire to govern the country, some of the religious leaders

have turned Deeni Madresas into terrorists organizations by attracting the poor youth to their free education program. The few

violent hands can dismantle the whole state structure, as is frequently envisaged in suicide bombings. Higher and costlier Educating

is only providing the chosen elite control the policy making process, thus excluding the majority of deserving and passionate youth

turning them into frustrated souls. Absence of quick and cheap justice has minimized the role of Law and order agencies, forced the

victims to take vengeance by the dint of their own power and introduced a culture of intolerance and violence. The Colonial Masters...
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