National Integration

Topics: Religion, Virtue, Morality Pages: 4 (775 words) Published: May 14, 2012
National Integration:
In India we have multi-cultural, multi-lingual, and multi-traditional groups. Our constitution emphasizes the concept of unity in diversity and expects every citizen of India to honour the feeling of national and emotional integration.

Respect for all religions:
India is a country of plural religions. The feeling of hatred towards religion may hamper the unity of democratic India. Each Individual is free to follow his own faith and principles of religion.

On account of radical changes brought about by technical, scientific and technological advancements, our society has been undergoing rapid changes in every walk of life. The basic objective of socialism is to establish a new social and economic order on the basis of equality of opportunity and on the social, political and economic justice. Individuals constitute society which has certain ideals, models and norms in respect of social behaviour, duties and responsibilities towards one another. Social values refer to those values which are oriented towards social amicability and coherence. They necessitate the interaction of two or more persons. Social values are always practised in relation to our neighbours, community, society, nation and the world.

Social Values:
Some of the social values may be listed as follows:
i) Love towards humanity - Brotherhood, Sharing
ii) Sincerity and honesty - Dutifulness, forgiveness
iii) Faith in co-operative living - Friendship, team spirit
iv) Good citizenship - Sympathy, sportsmanship v) Integrity of character - Magnanimity vi) Faith in change and peaceful
methods - Patience, tolerance vii) Scientific temper of mind - Responsibility
viii) Concern for environment - Conservation of natural
resources. Inculcation of Social Values:
a) Laboratories:
Students develop scientific attitude towards social...
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