National Institute of Fashion Technology

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An Institute of Design, Management & Technology

A statutory body under The NIFT Act 2006

To emerge as a centre of excellence and innovation proactively catalysing growth of fashion business through leadership in professional education with concern for social and human values.

The abiding anxiety of career progression is expressed most often through ‘alignment’. National Institute of Fashion Technology aligns itself with a creative configuration that traffics in diverse directions arriving at unique solutions. The institute thrives on agility and flexibility. With a focus on nurturing creative expression, innovation and independence of thought, we believe in freedom of inquiry. The stimulating learning environment inspires students to bring the insights of ‘infrequent’ thinking into practice. This allows arriving at solutions that are refined and perfected against requirements to figure out the best and most efficient way to bring it into being and ensure that the quality of the solution is not compromised. NIFT has a resolute belief in bringing real-world experiences into the classroom. Such experience is augmented by meaningful interactions with practicing professions via industry-led pedagogy. Whether you are considering an undergraduate or postgraduate Degree, the progressive curricula, the rigor of the programmes, the diversity within the student commune, and the expertise of the faculty combine to make our institute a unique learning ground. I invite you to join our institute to be a part an unmatched educational experience.

Venu Srinivasan Chairman, Board of Governors of NIFT

In my considered opinion, there cannot be unique principles of learning across institutes of higher education. Not excluding the prescriptive models, National Institute of Fashion Technology has constructed its philosophy of progressive thinking. The institute creates encouragement about the prospects of non-predictable thinking systems. We have adopted this approach both as a mindset and as a methodology, allowing students to realize the true potential of education as a development tool. Minimizing the constraints in good learning, we encourage students to ‘think differently’ within a pragmatic frame. We have boldly explored the fusion of the articulated and the unarticulated styles in education. We have re-engineered design thinking, technological innovation and business strategy to develop a distinctive approach that accentuates the skills and qualities that inherently drive academic excellence. This makes us unique. The institute has cut across semantic gaps, conceptual blocks and barriers between different disciplines. This radical collaboration has developed a culture of innovation within the institute. Human values are at the heart of our academic approach. Real-world problems, constraints and commitments accelerate learning across 15 Centres of the Institute. The vision of the institute embraces attempts to maximize the concern for social values with a view to provide solutions to the craft sector of the country. Our academic practices lead to future possibilities that are aplenty. May I invite you to join us here at National Institute of Fashion Technology to explore new emerging dimensions in learning and to leave behind a legacy our communities can truly appreciate.

Prem Kumar Gera Director General, NIFT


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