National Hockey vs Olympic Athletes

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National Hockey League Olympic Athletes
In the 2014 Winter Olympics, National Hockey League (NHL) should allow players to participate in the games due to the belief that it provides the players, current, and potential fans the opportunity to participate on the world stage of hockey. The Olympics only occur once every four years and it would be unpatriotic to deny NHL players the opportunity to represent their home countries at the Olympics.

The Olympic Games give the fans a chance to watch their favorite players from the NHL come out and play in a once in a lifetime game representing their home country. The fans are mesmerized by the speed and excitement of the game at the Olympic level. Current fans get the opportunity to witness history being made on the ice, adding to their original love for the game. The fans regain the thrill of cheering on their country and favorite players from the NHL. Not allowing the NHL players to play in the Olympics would disappoint the players and their families, but perhaps more importantly the fans.

Some people who do not follow the NHL, watching the Olympic hockey could be what really get them interested in hockey. The Olympics does not have the money and drama that comes with the NHL, rather the focus is patriotism. The Olympic athletes are not playing for Money. They are playing for the people back home, the game, and for the first time they wore a jersey. In Canada people support their country and that means supporting Olympic hockey. Canadians watch the passion on the ice during the Olympics and become fans for the first time. After watching an Olympic game new fans are then interested in following the players from their 1

home team at the professional level. The NHL should see the Olympics as a way to gain a larger fan base.
Lastly, the biggest benefit of allowing NHL players to play at the Olympics is to the players. Playing in the Olympics would be beneficial to the players because they are playing at...
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