National Health Service

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National Health Service
Jessica Eulo
Intro to Health Service Management
June 22, 2014
Professor Jennifer Pryor
DeVry University
National Health Service
The National Health Service, Britain's centralized universal healthcare system, has grown to become the world’s largest publicly funded health service, providing one of the most well-organized, most democratic and most comprehensive services available to the citizens of the United Kingdom. Globally, many countries follow Britain’s healthcare system. However the United States has a different method. As the United States creates policies that reflect traditional capitalistic ideals, we manage a privatized healthcare system. Public and privatized healthcare systems are vastly influenced by the underlining cultural understandings about the right to have access to health services, which differ from country to country. In order to create an appropriate and comparative analysis between these two models one has to examine their expenditures, health status characteristics according to demographics, availability of these services, and the problems that these services have. The National Health Service was born out of a long-held ideal that good healthcare should be available to all, regardless of wealth, a principle that remains at its core (, 2014). Health care is provided by a single payer, the British government, and is funded by the taxpayer. All appointments and treatments are free to the patient (though paid for through taxes), as are almost all prescription drugs. Providing healthcare services where the citizen does not have to worry about cost of treatment, testing, appointments, and prescription medications takes loads of stress off the people. This helps ensure that preventable illnesses, diseases, and deaths are prevented or do not spread to the population. How money is spent made or applied is the big question to many people. The term expenditure simply refers the amount of money spent by a...

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