National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

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National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)

Standards: Website Lesson Plans

Edwina Schweitzer

Grand Canyon University: EED 364

November 25, 2012

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) is a council that has set in place standards that are to be followed and adhered to when creating mathematical lesson plans. These standards are national and require a lot of the teachers as far as what and how they teach math. While there are many choices of lesson plans that support the standards set by the NCTM regarding number sense and operations, only four will be used to fulfill the following criteria.

1. Four lesson plans were chosen to illustrate the support of the NCTM standards:

A. Problem-solving: Math, episode 1, (Discovery Education, n.d.) is a lesson plan that helps students understand the importance of numbers. In this lesson the objectives are to show the students the importance of numbers in math, and show examples of how they are used in everyday life. The students start out by watching the video, Problem-solving: Math, episode 1, and then talking about all of the numbers that they see in the classroom, such as the numbers on a clock or how many paint brushes or windows there are. The students are then asked to imagine a world without numbers and give ideas of how things would be different. They are then asked to write down examples of how they have used numbers, such as dividing candy among friends, being first in line, or being measured at the doctor. They are then asked to share these examples with the class and post them as a reminder of the importance of numbers in their everyday lives.

B. Activity 3: Exploring the effect of operations on decimals, (Illuminations, 2000-2012) is a lesson plan that gives students the opportunity to “explore the effects of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division on decimal numbers.” This lesson provides a Maze Playing Board sheet that allows students to play a game while making their way through the maze. The object of the maze is to finish the maze with the highest decimal number. Examples of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of decimal numbers are shown on an overhead projector for the students to see as a visual aid. This activity requires the use of the calculator, which provides practice using a calculator while having fun with a maze. The students are then put into groups of three to discuss their results.

C. I’ll halve s’more please!! (Jackson, n.d.) is a lesson plan that uses fractions to solve riddles provided in a PBS episode of Cyberchase, entitled Zeus on the Loose. The students watch the episode and then use fractions to solve the riddles while learning the parts of the fractions and their importance in everyday life. There is a handout that is included with the lesson plan and a list of materials, including s’mores ingredients, large numbers and a bar of paper cut out for fractional use.

D. Life is Full of Problems, (Young, n.d.) is a lesson plan that helps students learn how to read, interpret, and devise a solution to math problems. This lesson requires the use of mental solving, paper and pencil, and calculator usage. The students learn to double check their answers for correct procedures and solutions. There are several ideas listed in this lesson plan that may fit into any diverse classroom. This is a lesson plan that is particularly good for encouraging mental solving of mathematic equations. While the mental solving is attempted first, they may check their mental answers by working the problem out on paper, then double checking themselves with the calculator. This incorporates three different means of problem solving, and not only teaches the importance of mental capabilities, it enables the students to finish with the use of calculators.

2. The methodology of number sense is used in each of the lesson plans in...
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