National Character

Topics: Music, Art, Religion Pages: 2 (685 words) Published: March 9, 2007
National Character
National Character is the personality expressed by a country or group of people. National character defines who we are, what we are about, and expresses our ideals. Character exhibits culture, and distinguishes personal backgrounds of people of many different countries.

The character of a nation is a useful concept in determining the decisions that performers make. Bahia-African Diaspora demonstrates character being put to use in performance. Bahia-African Diaspora is a blend of Yoruba based religion and dance. This type of art form is very popular throughout Brazil, and the people who choose to practice Bahia use religious backgrounds to express their faith through dance. The examples we saw in class and on film revealed this art form, and the popular religious aspects of a portion of Brazil. The candomblé ceremony is an expression of the trancelike possession of the God's of Bahia religion, Orixas. The performers or participants take what they have learned from Bahia and transpose it into a theatrical display of religious ideals. Religion is the inspiration for this art form, and is a very big role model in the overall tone of each Bahia piece. The presentation is also influenced strongly by the rhythmic and drum oriented music that is popular in the country of Brazil.

Music is very expressive of national character. Albert Ginastera's "Triste" or sadness is very atmospheric in that it sets an immediate mood from the moment it begins. The accompaniment to the vocal instrumentation brings listeners into the emotion of the song, yet still keeps the romantic feel or mood of this popular modern romantic composer. Countries tend to develop a personal style, and like to stick with it. Argentinean music has a tendency to keep instruments as a key element in its musical style. This piece delves more into the musical aspects rather than strictly focusing on the words, which is a common trait of early and modern Argentinean music....
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