National Buy Nothing Day

Topics: Buy Nothing Day, Dust Bowl, Minimum wage Pages: 3 (1058 words) Published: April 20, 2014
Amanda Sandoval
Period 3rd
December 5th, 2013
Buy Nothing Day
​A hard-working, single mother receives her pay-check that to her horror reads a measly $225.30. She doesn't use the money for her, instead she uses that money to care for her two children, she needs to pay the rent, and the electricity but her kids need food to grow. As she heads to the bank to cash the check she passes the neighborhood local store and no cars are outside and the light are dim. Nothing comes to her mind as to what seems different, she proceeds to head over to the bank, and notices that there is no clerks and no long lines? So many things run through her mind so she parks her beat-down car, that clanks and rattles. As she becomes even more worried there is a bright white paper that reads," Due to the over-consumption rates, the government has issued a National Buy Nothing Day, we are sorry for any inconviences." Her world is instantly shut down and she becomes scared as to how she is going to feed her children. This is exactly what I fear will happen if a National Buy Nothing Day is issued, so in my opinion, a National Buy Nothing Day would be a bad idea. ​A National Buy Nothing Day would become a huge inconvenience to many people over the world. Many people in the United States work minimum wage jobs and have a family to care for. 75% of the population works pay check to pay check just to give the basics to their family, and majority of the money is spent on food that they hope will last them the whole month until they are paid again. Sadly, more times than you would like to see parents unhealthy and always tired because they put their children before themselves, and what if the National Buy Nothing Day just so happened to fall on pay day. The heartbreak that would radiate from the couple, and the worry that rushes through their mind as to how they are going to feed their kids tonight and when t hey are going to be able to come back and cash that paycheck? Now that the parents...
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