National Bookstore: a Profile of Its Marketing Mix

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National Bookstore offers a wide range of products from the retail sale and distribution of books to the sale of various school supplies. National Bookstore’s products, specifically the school supplies, are mostly aimed for the students’ and office workers’ consumption and needs. However, the customers of National Bookstore are not limited to just students and office workers. The company also caters to kids through the sale of toys, coloring books, crayons and et cetera. Adults are also customers of National Bookstore since they avail of the various selections of books that National has to offer. Students and other consumers as well know that National Bookstore offers products of good quality and of affordable prices that are of great benefit to the consumers.

National Bookstore also offers branded school supplies like Staedler, Stabilo, Cattleya, and et cetera. However, National Bookstore also offers their own product line named Best Buy which is more affordable than other brands. In effect, National Bookstore gives the option to its consumers to choose the products and brands that suit their tastes and that fit in their wallet. National Bookstore products have become a necessity for students and office workers. So much so, that Filipinos equate and refer to bookstores as National, like how photocopying is equated to Xerox and marker to Pentel. Filipinos rely so much on National Bookstore providing them quality products that Filipinos no longer look at other bookstores in the market and instead, focus only on National Bookstore. National Bookstore has thus become a huge and integral part of the Filipinos’ lives.

Affordable pricing is one objective that National Bookstore has – every product is of the best quality at the best price. National Bookstore wants that students be able to afford to buy school supplies with their own allowance that is why National Bookstore’s products are priced at affordable levels, all the while keeping the...

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