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These regulations may be cited as the National Assembly Elections Regulations 1968.  
Amended by [Act No. 48 of 1991]
In these regulations, unless the context otherwise requires-  
"Act" means the Representation of the People Act, as amended;  
"Form" means a Form appended to these regulations;
"nomination day" means the day appointed for the nomination of candidates for the election of members representing constituencies at the National Assembly;  
"party", when used in relation to the registration of a political party for the purposes of Schedule 1 to the Constitution, includes a party alliance for such purposes;  
"the Commission" means the Electoral Supervisory Commission appointed under section 38(2) of the Constitution.  
Amended by [Act No. 48 of 1991]
3.Appointment of returning officers and deputy returning officers  
(1)The Public Service Commission may from time to time appoint a fit and proper person to be returning officer and some other fit and proper person to be deputy returning officer for each constituency.  

(2)Subject to the authority, directions and control of the returning officer, a person appointed under the preceding paragraph as deputy returning officer shall have all the powers and may perform any of the duties of a returning officer under these regulations.  

(3)A registration officer may be appointed returning officer or deputy returning officer for any constituency.  
(4)If any returning officer is prevented, by sickness or any other cause, from acting, or refuses or neglects to act, at any election, the Commission may at any time appoint some other fit and proper person to act in the place of such returning officer at such election.  

(5) (5)               Every appointment made under this regulation shall be published in the Gazette.  
Amended by [GN No. 54 of 1968]
4.Polling districts and polling stations
(1)The Commission may, by regulations published in the Gazette, as occasion requires, divide each constituency into such polling districts as it may think necessary, and appoint one or more polling stations for each polling district.  

(2)The Electoral Commissioner shall thereupon give public notice of any such division and appointments by publication in three daily newspapers in such form as he shall deem sufficient and proper:  

Provided that such notice shall, in Rodrigues, be given by the returning officer by affixing copies thereof at such conspicuous places as he may deem fit.  
(3)As far as practicable, a polling station for any constituency shall ,be in that constituency, and, where a constituency has been divided into polling districts, a polling station for any polling district shall be in that polling district.  

5.Holding of elections
(1)Upon receipt of the writ of election in respect of Rodrigues, the Electoral Commissioner shall forthwith inform the returning officer of the issue and contents of the writ, in such manner as he thinks fit, and thereafter transmit the writ to the returning officer at the earliest opportunity.  

(2)Subject to paragraph (1), upon receipt of the writ of election, every returning officer shall enter on the verso of the writ the date of receipt, sign the entry and proceed to hold the election in tt1ti manner hereinafter provided.  

(3) (3)   In respect of Rodrigues the returning officer shall proceed with the election on being informed by the Electoral Commissioner of the issue and contents of the writ of election.  
Amended by [Act No. 49 of 1969]; [Act No. 23 of 1976]; [Act No. 27 of 1981]  
6.Notice of day, time and place of election
On the President issuing a writ of election the Electoral Commissioner shall give notice thereof and of the day, time and place on and at which the...
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