Topics: Capital punishment, Cruel and unusual punishment, Human rights Pages: 2 (467 words) Published: April 22, 2014
Upon announcement of this year's National History Day theme: Rights and Responsibilities in History, our group toyed with several topics. Skimming through rights in history, a thought about the mentally ill people, led us to selecting the Rights of the Mentally Retarded. When focusing on research, we came to the realization that the topic was indeed to braud. Our topic was then narrowed down to, The Right of the 8th Amendment for the Mentally Retarded in Prison. We then discovered court cases over the rights of the mentally retarded in prison, and decided that the case that appealed the most was Penry v Lynaugh. Resulting our topic to be: The Right of the 8th Amendment for the Mentally Retarded in Prison: Penry v Lynaugh. After choosing our topic, we began our research process. Whether researching at home, school, or public libraries we came upon several interesting documents. In the process of gathering information, we first began researching the basic background information over our topic, using mostly secondary sources. But as we went further down research we obtained many articles that were published during the time range of the occurred events, which were primary sources. For example, the article, “Mentally Retarded Man Facing Texas Execution Draws Wide Attention” reviews information about the court case “Penry v Lynaugh” and how the case drew attention nationwide about the execution of a mentally retarded man in the state of Texas. The article also emphasized how the 8th amendment was being violated and how it was cruel punishment to execute someone with the mentality of a 6 year old. Our group decided a website would show a better understanding of our topic. We thought that in a website we could combine visuals, text, and technology all in one category, dragging us to select a website. Not only does a website allow us to use a variety of multimedia, but the platform of Weebly made it easier and faster for us to get together anywhere and work on our...
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