Nasp Guidelines and Malpractice

Topics: Ethics, Tort law, Medical malpractice Pages: 2 (510 words) Published: November 11, 2008
Professional malpractice is a very serious and demure law .Professional Malpractice is harm to a client caused by the failure to follow professional standards and ethical principles. The failure to follow the codes, conducts and laws can result in serious law suits and punishment towards the professional. According to Jacob and Hartshorne suits are filed against school psychologist under the state law if the psychologist/practitioner harms their client by acceptable professional standards of care. School psychologist can also be liable for malpractice in the courts, if the school psychologist violates the code of conduct from NASP or APA. These codes can include, Protecting the welfare of their clients and whomever they interact with professionally, except responsibility for their own actions, maintain integrity, honor and trustfulness, respect their client’s rights and privacy, and keeping information confidential. School psychologist can not reveal or disclose any information that has to do with their client, without their clients consent first. NASP and APA also have guidelines that school psychologist must go by. For example, professional competence means all school psychologists have to receive a degree from accredited program, maintain additional training, and remain current. Advocacy of rights and welfare of the student and client: as said before all professional have to remain trustworthy and keep information confident unless the client is harmful to themselves or others. Professional responsibilities in assessment and intervention means School psychologists have to keep in mind individual differences for each client. All school psychologists have to report data and share results in a language that everyone can understand, but remain professional. Courts will look at these codes of ethics and standards that have been given to the school psychologist at the beginning of their career, as evidence in the court. According to Woody (1998) The appropriate...
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