NASCAR'S Racing Teams

Topics: Jeff Gordon, Hendrick Motorsports, Dale Earnhardt Pages: 2 (1240 words) Published: October 27, 2014

In what ways do Evernham’s leadership tactics prove consistent with the characteristics and ideas on high performance team and teamwork advanced in the text?In this case obviously Evernham implemented very useful technic from the strategy to reach the goal. He also influence his team with the way Evernham thinking such as shaping the chair in the office with a circle and believe that it could be build the strength for the team even it’s very comfort to the team to sharing and get their own. It means Evernham can cultivate a positive working environment with spreading ideas about leadership and teamwork. Beside that Evernham also emphasize on strong principle to be implemented such as painstaking preparation, egoless teamwork, and thoroughly original strategizing. Make sure members have the right skills also implemented by Evernham to support the performance. Every member must have the necessary skills, commitment, ownership, and teamwork to advance the vision. Because of that clear understanding in a team can build together through Evernham ideas that very effective not only just efficient. If you were hired as Jeff Gordon’s new pit crew chief, what team norms would you expected to be in place? Actually team norms are very important in a team because from positive norm it can cultivate the spirit among members in a team. In this situation, we will expect every members in a team can aware about the expectation required and send it clearly among the members so we can understanding each of us better. This is one of the key of success. Other norm, we would expect high achievement norm, so we have clear target and it is positive. It means with a high achievement norm everyone should be hunger to win and paying close attention to every detail of the job to achieve the desired outcome. A norm of close family among members’ also important things to starts all of expectation that needs to be achieved. What can someone who takes over a highly successful team from a...

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