Narrow-Casting in Acxiom

Topics: Marketing, Database marketing, Customer relationship management Pages: 3 (795 words) Published: April 5, 2013
Narrow-casting in Acxiom
has traditionally been understood as the dissemination of information (usually by radio or television) to a narrow audience, not to the general public. Narrow-casting involves aiming media messages at specific segments of the public defined by values, preferences, or demographic attributes. Also called niche marketing or target marketing. Acxiom (Acxiom Corporation) is a marketing technology and services company with offices in the United States, Europe, Asia and South America. It is a global interactive marketing services company that uses consumer data, analytic, information technology, data integration,... Acxiom offers various marketing and information management services, including multichannel marketing, addressable advertising and database management. Acxiom collects, analyzes, and parses customer and business information for clients, helping them to target advertising campaigns, score leads, and more

Its client base in the United States consists primarily of companies in the financial services, insurance, information services, direct marketing, media, retail, consumer packaged goods, technology, automotive, healthcare, travel and telecommunications industries, and the government sector

It has been described as "one of the biggest companies you've never heard of..In addition to collecting detailed information about people, the company helps marketers anticipate the future needs of consumers, according to the documentary "The Persuaders." As the world's largest processor of consumer data,Acxiom has identified 70 types of consumers with its segmentation product PersonicX. Forrester Research named Acxiom one of the largest database marketing services and technology providers in the world and stated that the company “demonstrated surprising nimbleness in modernizing its offering and arguably leads the industry with its digital solutions” in their January 2011 report “The Forrester Wave™: US Database Marketing Service Providers,...
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