Narrative Writing - Teen Romance

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I realized that I was too late and I had made such a huge mistake. I put a letter of apology under Alex’s desk saying ‘I wish to see him one more time before he leaves Blue Island’. That night Alex and I met at a restaurant in Kyplo. He didn’t say anything at first. He just kept his head down and his lips were sealed tight. He refused to say a word. “Alex, is there a chance for you to leave this behind and forgive me?” I asked with a feel of remorse. “I wish I could, but what you did made me realize that I am just a dummy!” Alex’s words and glare showed his anger and dissatisfaction. A tear of regretful felt slowly over my cheek. I was fascinated by Brandon’s look and charm. It was during English class that I first saw him. Our English teacher assigned us to do some work together so we spent a lot of time together and that made Brandon become affectionate of me. I told him about Alex but he would not accept it and tried to compete against him. Alex didn’t have time to spend with me ever since he got an offer to study abroad sponsored by the government. We were in a relationship for almost three years. Alex tried to spend more time with me before leaving Blue Island but I kept on seeing Brandon and giving excuses avoiding him. At that moment, I had a thought of leaving Alex because Brandon kept on telling me that a long distance relationship doesn’t work. For almost one month I put Alex aside and started to get closer to Brandon. Alex began to feel something was wrong and he became suspicious. On one weekend, Alex saw us going out to watch a movie. He quickly ran and punched Brandon. I was startled as I witnessed Alex’s action and his anger. He immediately left the place and didn’t say a word to me. It was the similar to when I met Alex at the restaurant. Those upsetting words came out of his mouth and those were the last words I heard from him. He left the restaurant after I told him the truth and apologized to him. He left the Island soon afterwards and I was...
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