Narrative Story

Topics: Respect, Waste containers, Recycling Pages: 2 (646 words) Published: March 7, 2014
Everyone interprets respect differently. Everyone has different examples of respect or disrespect. Personally, respect is treating people and their things the way you would want you and your things to be treated. When people take my things or touch my stuff without asking, it bothers me. A couple months ago, I was picking up some garbage from around the house because it was garbage night. After I made my way around the house, I walked out the door with the white, apple scented garbage bag in my right hand to make my way to the big forest green garbage cans marked with my home address, 331 Earl Ave. Finally when I reached the garbage cans that sit under the lean to that is attached to our garage, I lifted the lid and glanced down inside. When I saw the tie blanket that I made sitting at the bottom of the garbage can, I grew angry. I made the blanket myself as a gift. One side of the blanket had footballs all over it and the other side was black, made out of fleece so it was really soft and warm. I had no idea who had thrown it in there and I was beyond angry. So, I called my mom on her work phone because it was about eleven in the morning. I told her that I found the blanket in there and asked her about it, and if she knew why it was there. She told me that she had no idea why it was in the garbage. I knew my boyfriend, Chris, didn’t throw it out because I made it for him for Christmas last year. My sister is never home and that left my mom’s boyfriend, Kevin. It’s in his personality for him to do something like that because of incidents that have occurred in the past. He would eat my leftovers in the fridge or something that I had planned for my lunch the next day and he didn’t even care. I just assumed it was him. Being the outgoing person that I am, I texted Kevin as soon as I could. I asked him why he threw my blanket in the garbage and why he thought that it was okay. I also told him that I thought that was disrespectful. I texted, “I don’t do that to you,...
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