Narrative Story

Topics: Love, Parent, Mother Pages: 2 (653 words) Published: September 19, 2012
“When Everyone’s Turning their Back”

My story is about a family that is been destroyed because of the selfish actions of the adults. This narrative is about the story of my friend who watched her parents separate because of her father’s another woman. She tells us that at first her parents are like the others, happy and full of love but as time passes it seems to her that her parents are falling out of love because unlike before, she said her parents always sort their misunderstandings, but as the times goes by she started to notice that her parents hardly talk to each other after their fight. She also tells us that she became aware that every time her father comes home late, her mother will start to confront him and they will start to fight. Because unlike before her father in not that secretive about the messages in her phone but there was a time that her mother caught her father calling another woman “hon” and sometimes saying I love you on the phone, and that is why her mother becomes paranoid and started to confront her father whenever he comes home late. But she cannot blame her mother for doing such thing because she knows that her mother loves her father so much. But as they say patience has a limitation, her mother cannot stand the pain that her husband causes her and started to let go.

Her parents do not realize the impact of their separation to my friend because we started to notice that she started rebelling when her parents separated. Before she hates people who have vices but because of the pain and sadness that comes to her life she started to be dependent on alcohol to forget about the things she wanted to forget at the moment. She has good grades before in school in fact she is included in the top students in my class but because of the tragedy that comes to her life her grades started to fall behind. And she started to date several guys, and sometimes she dated two guys at the same time. We always remind her to stop doing such things...
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