Narrative: Skill and On-the-job Training

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B.Insights Problems Encountered Suggestions & Recommendation Challenges
Challenge is test of one's abilities or resources in a demanding or stimulating situation and it’s always present. First day of training is a big challenge for me, I must consider all the policies and procedure in a particular department. Also a challenge to meet their expectations as IT student. I must bring all ideas I had. During my training on-the-job-training, I push to work better.. That was a big challengefor the me. I was only a trainee, so the supervisor must supervise us and not to let us handle a situation than he didn’t know. And because of that, I learned to put a dedication to my work.  

The students must have a good company that would give them a good training ground and would enhance their knowledge and capabilities. An out of town training would give more self esteem to the students. Every trainee must focus to their work, they should be aggressive in order to learn. The trainee should observe the proper attitude while working and always feel confident.

The successful realization of this Narrative report is gratefully dedicated to all the person who shared their time and efforts in making this report.My ever loving parents, relatives and friends, and above all to Our Almighty God, this achievement is lovingly and heartily dedicated.  

Chapter I


One method of enhancing and enriching the skills of students is by undertaking the On-the-Job Training. Students who are taking up Bachelor of Science in Information Technology are given the chance to undergo the so called On-the-Job Training to be able to apply the knowledge they acquired from school to their respective chosen agencies. It is the beginning of the greatest educational experience a BSIT student would encounter. It is one way of developing their sense of responsibility upon performing the given task by their supervisors and the rest of the office staff. It is also the time for a BSIT student to develop the desirable traits of a future office worker. Thus, a BSIT student has the opportunity to develop attitudes, skills and understanding which is necessary in the field of information technology particularly in the IT/ computer-related workplaces as IT professionals. As BSIT students, the On-the-Job Training provides a background of what is really going-on in a certain office. On-the-Job Training provides the opportunity in promoting worthy values and developing strong moral character among other people in the community. It is one of the factors that are helpful to the students in enriching and enhancing their knowledge learned at school. It is also one way of preparing the BSIT student in the real world of works after schooling. The development of the student who undergoes such training can be determined through the trainee’s ability to accomplish work by following instructions and performing duties and responsibilities obediently and diligently. The-On-The-Job-Training was conducted at Microgenesis Business System in Makati city, from November 5,2012 to December 3, 2012 for a total of one hundred eigthy (180) hours.

Summary and Conclusion

As a graduating student who is taking up Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, the course requires us to undergo the On-the-Job Training in order to experience the real world of works. And this activity will help us to enhance our skills and to succeed in our future workplace. Upon completing the number of hours needed for my On-the-Job Training, this is the summary and report of experiences and activity that I have undergone during my On-the-Job Training at the Microgenesis Business system, Makati City. This activity is one of the most unforgettable and remarkable periods in my life. It is the time when a student has to adjust himself/ herself to the nature of the agency where he/she belongs. During those days I am always busy, working in the office, dealing with...
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