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Narrative Report Manuscript Organization
Sections of the manuscript should be arranged as follows:
A. The Preliminaries
1. Title Page
2. Biographical Data
3. Acknowledgement
4. Table of Contents
5. List of Tables
6. List of Figures
7. List of Appendices
B. The Text
1. Introduction
* Should start with an introductory or opening paragraph that will give the reader a background on the significance of the OJT, its objectives and the place where the OJT was conducted. * Significance of the On-the-Job Training

* Discusses the reasons why conduct the training
* Tries to answer the following questions:
1. Why is there a need to conduct the training?
2. What benefits would be derived from it?
3. Will the study add to knowledge?
4. Will it have practical application?
* Objectives (What the student wants to achieve)
* Includes the general and specific objectives of the training * The general objective is the statement of the broad target * The specific objectives are statements of the definite inquiries to attain the general objective * Time and Place of the On-the-Job Training

* Includes the place and period where and when the OJT was conducted 2. The Linkage Institution/Enterprise
* Company/Enterprise Background
* Vision, Mission, Objectives of the Institution/Enterprise * Organizational Structure and Functions
* Responsibilities of the Management
3. The Training Areas
* Department Function
* Structure
* Facilities
* Equipment
* Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
4. `The Training Experience
* Tasks Performed/Specific Activities Assigned
* Observed Strengths and Weaknesses of the Training Area
* Insights
a. Problems Encountered
b. Suggestions for Self-Improvement
c. Suggestions for Program Development
d. Suggestions for Institutional Advancement
5. Summary
* Contains the significant portions of the training
* It includes the objectives of the OJT, time and place and significant findings relevant to the training
C. The Reference Section
6. Literature Cited
7. Appendices
* Curriculum Vitae
* Recommendation letter
* Memorandum of Agreement (if applicable)
* Accomplished Trainee/Enterprise Waiver
* Registration Form
* Location Map of the Institution/Enterprise
* Weekly Accomplishment Form
* Certificate of Completion
* Accomplished Evaluation Form
* Photo Documentation
Each item should be labeled properly using the same rules in writing figures and table captions. The list may be arranged according to the importance or significance of the material or in alphabetical order.

A. The Preliminaries
1. Title Page. The TITLE PAGE is the first page of a research manuscript. It presents the: title, submission statement, degree sought, full name/s of the author/s and month and the year the report was completed 2. Biographical Date. The BIOGRAPHICAL DATA contains personal information of the author, the schools attended, date of graduation and membership to organizations (if any). 3. Acknowledgement. The ACKNOLEDGEMENT contains expression of appreciation for the assistance and guidance provided faculty members and staff, adviser, relatives, friends, and others. 4. Table of Contents. The TABLE OF CONTENTS includes the chapter titles, major headings and the corresponding pages where they are located. 5. List of Tables. The LIST OF TABLES contains the title of tables presented in the text and the corresponding pages where they are located. 6. List of Figures. The LIST OF FIGURES contains the captions of all the figures presented in the text and the corresponding pages where they are located. 7. List of Appendices. The LIST OF APPENDICES is an enumeration of all the information listed in the Appendix Section....
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