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These guidelines are an excellent and comprehensive list of areas to address in a narrative report even though they are provided by the National Endowment for the Humanities.


The items listed are provided as guidance to the project director in developing the narrative description of project activities. Because projects vary considerably, not all items will be relevant to a particular project. Please feel free to organize this portion of the report in the way that most clearly presents what has taken place during the grant period.


Compare actual accomplishments with goals established for the report period. Whenever possible, describe the work accomplished in both quantitative and qualitative terms. If project goals have not been met, explain the reason for this, what steps have been taken to get the project back on schedule, and whether it seems likely that the project will be completed by the expiration date of the grant.

Favorable developments that will enable project goals to be realized sooner or at less cost than anticipated should be described.

Describe any changes that have been made or are anticipated in the project work plan or methodology.

If the role of consultants, as outlined in the approved project plan, has changed, explain how and why it has changed.

If applicable, describe how automation contributed to the project and whether hardware, software, or staffing problems have been encountered.

If federal matching funds are a component of the award and the full amount of gifts has not yet been raised, provide information on ongoing fund-raising activities and the prospects for raising additional gifts.

The narrative description of an interim performance report should average between one and three pages in length.
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