Narrative Report

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At first whenever the I see seniors wearing their new uniform for practice teaching I always feel the urge to become a senior student. Now that I am in this level my feeling never ceases. I am tremendously excited to go in the field to experience new things, new environment, new people surrounding me and most especially new role. This time I am not a student anymore; I am a teacher with a big responsibility in molding young minds. I really did not know what to expect on student teaching. I have a lot of hesitation on how to get along with the teachers, and others in my cooperating school, could I handle my responsibility properly?

I am expecting my pupils will cooperate with me in every activity that they are going to carry out. I hope pupils will respect me just how they treat other "real teachers" in school.
I am hoping that my cooperating teacher will be kind and nice to me and will develop a harmonious relationship between us. I also expects that my cooperating teacher is approachable and willing to help me every time I find difficulty in teaching. Being a professional teacher, I could learn different strategies, the kind of discipline to be enforced to the pupils and knowledge of the subject that I teach.

From the cooperating school, I am expecting that it is equipped with facilities to be used in different learning activities; classrooms are well-ventilated and convenient for learning.
As a future professional, I will remember that teaching is an art which requires discipline, understanding of ideas and making those ideas understandable, memorable and relevant. To be a good practice teacher, I need to consider many things such as following the rules and regulations of the school, be punctual, dress appropriately, be a good communicator and learn to deal with my pupils and the teachers as well. I should learn to control my temper and avoid nasty words and decisions. I believe that practice teaching has a great part in my future. I expect that I will learn many things about teacher’s work. Learn to handle classes promptly and at the same time learn from my cooperating teacher and students I think this experience will be remarkable and unforgettable for me. Hopefully, I can surpass all the challenges with the help and guidance of our Almighty God.

Before everything learning starts with observation; familiarizing oneself in the environment and the people surround it. Observation is a stage wherein a student-teacher prepares him or herself for the actual teaching. It is one of the phases wherein she was given a chance together with the other student teachers to observe the different techniques and strategies used by the teacher. Observing student’s behaviors and classroom observation were also done.

On November 26, 2012, I arrived at Trece Martires City Elementary School. We presented the endorsement letter to the principal and notify her that we are the practice teachers in the school. Mrs. Helen C. Aure, the principal introduced the student teachers to the cooperating teachers. I was somehow relief when my previous adviser way back when I was Grade VI became my cooperating teacher, Mrs. Annaliza L. Reyes. I felt nervous because new chapter in my life will start along with this feeling is excitement due to this new experience.

My cooperating teacher introduced me to the pupils; Grade VI-Farraday. For one week I observed how my cooperating teacher managed the classroom. I noticed that the classroom was very organize and neat. These usual displays of materials could easily catch the attention of the pupils; the atmosphere tells that it is conducive to learning. So far, the people surrounding me were very accommodating and gave a big smile to welcome me.

As observed, the pupils were active in class discussion and have recommendable performance in doing their individual works. My Cooperating Teacher also...
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