Narrative Report

Topics: Building, Fossil fuel, Sustainable design Pages: 3 (881 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Our department celebrates Engineering Days yearly. We invited Engr. Herbert Rivera as guest speaker for this year. He discussed about Sustainable Engineering and Eco Design or Green Buildings. Here are the following important statements:

Different changes on the earth occurred. These changes caused positive effects but many of these contribute to what we call global environmental crisis. These changes are: 1) global warming which causes La Niña, El Niño, etc.

2) deflation of natural resources
3) logging activities
4) and problems in ecosystem which affects organisms diversity For every development or changes on earth there is always a consequence for it. Thus, people study on how to minimize the problem. Engineers therefore applied their role not only for building infrastructures, etc. but so as they applied it through studying Sustainable Engineering and Eco- Design. Sustainable Engineering and Eco Design or Green Buildings supports the building designs without using fossil fuels. Examples of fossil fuels are oil, coal, gasoline, asphalt, etc. A design like this has a purpose of primarily to eliminate the negative environmental factors. But how is this possible? How will we connect ourselves to environment either? First and foremost do not use renewable resources for the reason that it might greatly affect the environment in worst way but do use natural resources that the earth offers. Moreover, Sustainable Engineering and Eco Design gives us two (2) questions to answer, these are: 1) Can the design function for intended use without fossil fuels? 2) Can the design reduce pollution?

For these two main questions people thought of something that could be human’s alternative source of energy which are 1) solar energy, 2) hydro energy and 3) thermal energy. In relation to engineering, engineers nowadays conduct several ways/ systems about green design. For example on project of road...
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