Narrative Report

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A case study on OD interventions for improving organizational productivity
Ritwik Mishra
Global – Organizational Development
Tata Communications Ltd.
VSB, Bangla Sahib Road
New Delhi 110001.
1. Company Information
Smile N Dance is a shopping and night time entertainment complex opened in the late l970's by Mr. Dan Smile, father of the current president and CEO Dana Smile. Dan had envisioned a simple, clean family place where people would come to unwind, relax, and have fun. Mr. Smile considered his employees and customers as part of his family and at times would personally go out of his way in ensuring their satisfaction. Smile N Dance has carried this image since its inception. The complex has been extremely popular and profitable from its opening day till early 2000's.

Dana took over from her father to run the family business in 1998. She has tried to maintain the image her father had created. However competition from fancy shopping complexes and ritzier night clubs has lowered the profits and the number of visitors to the complex. Dana would like to introduce changes that will bring back the support Smile N Dance enjoyed in it's hey days.

Smile N Dance has around 100 employees. About 80% of the staff interacts with the customers and work part time. Around 20 employees work in the back office on finance, marketing and corporate services. Turnover rate is high in the industry especially in employees who work part time, however Mr. Smile through his personal efforts had been able to keep the turnover rate below industry standards. Mr. Smile had ensured that all staff including part time employees had access to benefits like health care, child care, flex work schedules and career development plans to ensure their loyalty and hard work. One of the options that Dana is executing is re-launching the business. Dana has entrusted this project to the COO, Amy Dance (daughter of co-founder Mr. Sam Dance). Amy's role is to act as the re-launch champion and get all the employees excited about this process. She is also responsible for keeping the project on track and getting the right people to work on the project.

Amy is very excited about her new role and has immediately started thinking of the tasks that would need to be executed for the re-launch to be a success. One of her first tasks is to organize an enterprise wide event to get all the employees excited about the re-launch. Her excitement and ideas are turning the event into a huge gala.

2. Organizational Structure
Role of the Organizational Dynamics professional
The organizational structure for Smile N Dance is shown in the figure below: ©2009 National HRD Network. All rights reserved. Page 1/7Articles The Chief of Staff is responsible for departments like Marketing, Finance and Corporate Services. Corporate Services includes HR, Security, and Payroll. The Chief of Staff and the managers of the shopping and entertainment business report to the COO. The COO and the Senior OD Strategist report to the CEO. The structure is simple, functional and very effective in keeping the roles and responsibilities well defined. While the senior strategist reports directly to the CEO, he works with the COO in designing and implementing strategies. The responsibility of the OD strategist is to identify business needs and implement solutions to address the needs. These could be system enhancements, process improvements or workforce development. The strategist develops and implements plans and policies for internal departments as well as the corporate business. Amy has tapped into the OD professional to help her on the re-launch project. 3. Key Issues

There are several issues the OD professional has identified that need to be addressed in order for the re-launch project to be successful. Some are directly related to the project while others can be categorized as organizational culture issues facing Smile N...
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