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Narrative Report

By maimei27 Oct 15, 2012 1007 Words

Last August 23, 2012, Thursday was our Educational Tour at HOLCIM Philippines, Tibungco, Davao City and Coca Cola Company, Ulas, Davao City. This is one of the requirements in the curriculum Management 15 subject, which is the Production and Management Process.

We arrived at HOLCIM Philippines at 8:30 o’clock in the morning. But before we entered the company premises, all of us were registered at the guard house area. Two from the Administrative Staff entertained and orient us namely: Ms. Mae Esguerra, the Administrative Assistant and Mr. Ivan Sabater, from Safety. Ma’am Mae discussed us about the company. She said that HOLCIM Company is the leading cement company in the Philippines. It is a member of the Holcim Group, one of the world’s leading suppliers of cement, as well as aggregates, concrete and construction-related services, with interests in over 70 countries on all continents. The company has its tagline, Strength, Performance and Passion where their main focus are the people, safety and commitment. In Philippines, it operates 4 major areas: La Union, Bulacan, Davao City and in Lugait, Misamis Oriental. The plants account for installed clinker production capacity of 7.2 million metric tons and cement production capacity of 8.7 million metric tons per year. Aside from producing tons of cement per year and maximizing profit, the company has its own social responsibility towards the community and the environment. Their advocacy is not just for the benefit of the four corners of the company – the employees, but also for the benefit of the people that surrounds them. They are giving livelihood programs to the community where people can use it, doing something for the environment – trees & mangrove planting, cleaning stagnant canals and also giving seminars and workshop for safety measures such as first aid training and how to use the fire extinguisher in a proper way. Also, the company have this so called FACE (Fostering A Child Education) program where they are giving scholarships to those less fortunate children who have a low income on their family.

One thing why the employees loved to work in HOLCIM Company is that the company assures the safety of the employees. Their safety goal is to have a ZERO harm to their employees, contractors, suppliers and visitors. Mr. Ivan Sabater from Safety, discussed us the safety measures and plant rules implemented in their prestigious company. One of the safety measures that the employees must be observed and followed especially when entering the production area is wearing of complete mandatory personal protection such as safety helmets and shoes, spectacles and reflective vest. These gadgets protect the employees from falling objects and debris. Also, the company implemented the following behaviors (Ligtas Ugali); Assess the area; Eyes on Path; Eyes on Hand and Communication. These rules ensure the protection and safety of the employees.

There is no doubt why HOLCIM Company became a leading cement company in the country because of its characteristics, programs implemented and I think this company would last hundred years of existence. The experienced that I gained from the company was memorable because not all students have an opportunity to visit and observe one of the prestigious company in the city.

Next company that we visited was the Coca Cola Company. We arrived there at 12 noon where most of the employees were having their lunch. As we entered the production area, all that we heared were the noisy of the bottles and crates running in the conveyor as well as the machine they’re using during the production. One of the employees in the name of James entertained us and discussed something about their production process. He pointed out some of the huge jars where the raw materials come from. As we noticed that they don’t have much employees working on their company, it’s because they used the modern technology in processing in order that the production would be faster and minimize the defects that would possibly appear during the production. We are all amazed why the company still remained one of the competitive drinking industries in the world because of how accurate and modernized the way they processed their products.

We left the company with so much fun even though all of us were starving because we didn’t take our lunch yet. We went directly to Tita D’z at Anda St., the eat all you can fast food to have our lunch. All of us were enjoyed having lunch and some of us were taking pictures while eating.

After having our lunch, our adviser instructed us to go to People’s Park where our bus was park. Then we went to the University of Mindanao, Matina to have a sightseeing of the university. We were amazed because of the improved facilities that they have compared to the other branches of the university. Some of the students there as we observed were very busy on their personal gadgets (computer) where they just sat on the floor while using it and some of them were having their individual classes. After a few hours later, we decided to go to our next destination based on what is written in our itinerary but sad to say that most of our classmates wanted to go to the mall rather than going to People’s Park.

We stroll for more than an hour at the NCCC Mall where most of us were enjoyed because of the sightseeing inside the mall and buying something what we liked. When we received text messages coming from our classmates informing that we need to go back, we hurried-up going back to our bus. Since most of us were tired, we all decided to go back home.

All I can say is that the educational trip that we had was memorable because of the knowledge, opportunities and experiences really worth remembering...

In Partial Fulfilment of the Requirement

Production and Management Process
(Mgt. 15)

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August 2012

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