Narrative Report

Topics: Calibration, Metrology, Traceability Pages: 5 (1654 words) Published: October 5, 2012
Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs
Ayala Boulevard, Ermita, Manila

A Narrative Report on the Supervised Industrial Training (SIT) Program

Cherrymaine O. Pasco
Electronics Engineering Technology
Name of Company:
Maxim Philippines Operating Corporation
Address of Company:
Gateway Business Park Brgy. Javalera, General Trias, Cavite, Philippines Period of Training:
From: May 03, 2012 To: September 14, 2012
I. Introduction

What is SIT all about?
Supervised Industrial Training is a way by which students are given the chance to apply the knowledge, principles, and theories they learned in school. During the SIT of students, they will be able to gain experience and knowledge that is related to their academic courses. Universities require students to undergo such training within a certain number of hours as part of their curriculum. The training provided by the companies have great benefits on students. They will develop skills and gather learning that will help them be prepared and ready for the industrial works done for a company.

II. Jobs Performed in the Company
I was assigned at Handler Maintenance Group-PM Bay. I was given the task to calibrate the temperature limits of different handlers such as Aetrium 55V6/ 55V8/55VMAX, Multitest 9308/9320/9928/9510, and Delta Edge 8000. Before calibrating handlers, I prepare the set-up of thermocouples that are used for acquiring the actual temperature of the handlers. When the set-up is installed to the handler, calibration starts. Handlers must be calibrated according to the assigned set points. To reach the Main set point, I compensate and adjust the calibrating temperature offsets based on the actual reading. After every calibration, the data gathered must be documented to the database and for In-house Calibration Certification. When calibration is done, handlers must be ready for preventive maintenance. This includes procedures where handler parts are disassembled, replaced, repaired, and cleaned. Then, when PM is done, technicians in our area taught me to load handlers with dummy units for exercise and jam rate to ensure that the machine is in good working condition before releasing to the manufacturing line. For a month, we were asked to help on the warehouse total productive maintenance (TPM) in the Hardware Control, an area where hardware such as loadboards are withdrawn. Warehouse TPM aims to lessen the withdrawal time of test hardware. Hardware barcoding is what we did to the boxes of these hardwares. Operators will easily scan the boxes being withdrawn which will greatly help lessen the down time in the production line. I was trained to use and operate the Keteca Machine which laser marks and engraves saved templates to aluminium, stainless, plastic, or any industrial plates. I used this skill to engrave handler labels to 453 handler plates for Calibration and Preventive Maintenance purposes of different handlers. After finishing laser marking the plates, I placed them in line with the handler ID sticked on handlers.

III. Experience earned in terms of:

1. Knowledge (Principles, Theories, and Concepts)
Proper housekeeping in your area is being taught in school and home. We make sure that your area is clean before and after doing your job to keep your area neat and clean. This is the same as 5’s system In MPOC; this is being treated seriously in MPOC to eliminate any failure or issue in doing your job. Everything should be placed on its proper place and only things needed are allowed in work place to ensure that the production line runs smoothly. During our OJT program, we are apart in keeping our areas clean, sfe keeping the tools, thermocouple and meters for calibration used. We’ve used Thermometer in measuring the actual temperature thru thermocouple...
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