narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass

Topics: Slavery in the United States, Abolitionism, Frederick Douglass Pages: 3 (1161 words) Published: December 8, 2013
Nineteenth-century Americans witnessed the abolition of slavery due to the 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution, in 1865. Frederick Douglass was an African-American who not only witnessed the cruelty to slaves with his own eyes but also suffered personally from it. In his narration, Frederick Douglass exemplifies many of the atrocities that he himself suffered first hand from or was present to witness. As the novel progresses, the author presents the different sides of the slavery society pointing out that the factors which make it possible and lasting for so long were due to the lack of education giving us several example as the abuse against slaves. The depravation of the masters and their lack of morality were two of the main reasons that women were made to live in a harsh period being sexually abused, punished without reason, and separated from their children. In the narration of Frederick Douglass, there are many times in which those facts are described. The first time that there is a reference to this matter is at the very beginning of the story, Douglass does not know his age either who his father is. There are rumors that his father is the master of his first slaveholder but his mother dies without telling him the truth of the matter. As we can see in this quotation: “My father was a white man. He was admitted to be such by all I ever heard speak of my parentage. The opinion was also whispered that my master was my father; but of the correctness of this opinion, I know nothing; the means of knowing was withheld from me (15).” Another example of the depravation of the slaveholders is exemplified with Aunt Hester: Aunt Hester went out one night,—where or for what I do not know,—and happened to be absent when my master desired her presence. He had ordered her not to go out evenings, and warned her that she must never let him catch her in company with a young man, who was paying...
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