Narrative Instance

Topics: Narrative, Narrative mode, Narratology Pages: 4 (1428 words) Published: April 21, 2015
Radisti Dwikalisti

Finding Relation Between Narrator and Story Using Narrative Instance Most of authors or writers are telling their emotion, opinion, thoughts, and feeling through their masterpiece. They usually make a story and smuggle their opinion or thoughts into the story. Sometimes the reader does not realize about it because they hide them well behind the story they made. Some of the writers use a narrator to be a mediator for them to deliver their opinion or thoughts about something. For example when the writer wants to express their protest about their family background and he or she cannot tell anyone or when the writer thoughts about his or her environment, so that they will express it through their story. It happens sometimes but not all of the writers do this. Talking about narrator, this is a very important aspect in a story. Narrator is somebody who tells a story. Narrator will guide the reader where the story goes, why the story happens, and also how the story happens. The concept of the story and what the narrator role of the story is called narratology. It would be better if we know the definition of it first. Narratology is one of literature approaches that examines the ways of narrative structures between our perception of both cultural artifacts and the world around us. To understand narratology theory we have to know the difference between these three important entities. They are story, narrative, and narration. According to Gerard Genette, the story generally corresponds to a series of events and actions that are told by someone (the narrator), and represented in some final form, producing a narrative. As a field of study, narratology looks at the internal mechanisms of narrative, the form taken by a narrated story. Narratology has some branches that can be used for analyzing literary texts. Such as narrative mood, narrative instance, level, and time. This essay will discuss and analized David Lodge’s Changing Places...
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