Narrative Essay. A Day of Mixed Happiness and Sadness

Topics: Graduation, Academic dress, Sadness Pages: 2 (577 words) Published: June 13, 2014

Mohsen Mohsen Ali Mosaeid

Do you think that it's unbelievable to feel happy and sad
at the same time? Actually, it is really possible to feel these two feelings inasmuch since it is something that happened to me
five years ago when I graduated from college. I was happy
because it was my graduation party, but I was sad because we my classmates and me – would go our separate ways again after four years of being in a close-knit relationship.


First of all, as I had gotten up earlier than usual and
prepared myself for the party, I arrived at college early. Of course I was really happy at that time and I took a seat next to my classmates, my friends. After a little time, as our classmates, guests and our teachers arrived at the large hall, the party began with the reciting of some Quranic verses, and the

welcoming speech. Then we listened to the speeches of the
rector of the university – University of Aden, the dean of the faculty of Education-Aden and the graduates' valedictorian.
After that we enjoyed some celebratory sections of the party, such as watching a play and listening to some popular and
pleasant songs performed by some students. The official party of our graduation ended up with announcing the names of the
honor students and distributing certificates of appraisal at the finale at the time at which we heard the call to Al-Dhuhr
Then, after prayer everyone in our group was ready for
the special party of our group – group two - at the college campus. It had been agreed the day before by the group
students to bring lunch, cake and drinks. So we began to eat those delicious homemade meals and then moved to have
some cakes, and sweets as one real family. When everybody
had finished eating, the group party started pleasantly with remembering and discussing our college memories and stories
with hearts full of nostalgia longing to return to those sweet past days and moments.

Mohsen 2

Lastly, despite the concealed...
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