Narrative Essay On High School Football

Topics: American football, High school, Play, Game, Family, National Football League / Pages: 3 (684 words) / Published: Sep 7th, 2015
When we were children, our mothers and fathers would take care of us, whatever we needed they found a way to get it. They were out support beams, our shoulders to cry on, and our correction officers when we were in the wrong. They were also the ones we ran to when we had our scars and bumps. We knew that they would give us the right things to make us feel better. When we get older we begin to make more risky decisions, and sometimes those become bad decisions, possibly ending in injury. As a high school football player, I knew that I was taking a risk with my safety, but I was not worried because football was something I loved. My football team, the Cy-Fair Bobcats, were on a 3 game winning streak, and that week’s opponent was not too intimidating so we knew we were in for a win. We started the game just as planned, two offensive drives resulting in two touchdowns. Around this time we began to think that if we scored just once more, we would have this game in the books. The third drive began and just as planned, we began to move the ball down the field successfully, but with progress comes exhaustion. The fifteen play drive came down to the two yard line, we were knocking on the door of another touchdown. With all eleven on us huffing and puffing in huddle, the quarterback tells us the play and the snap count, we broke the …show more content…
I felt that I could finish the game, and I wanted to get a little revenge for what the defensive tackle did. Although this was not a serious injury, I did learn from this. During that game I was wearing knee braces which receive the credit for saving my ligaments from tearing, and my season from ending. I learned that I should have a safety blanket that would protect me from possible harm. Just like when we would run to our parents in times of danger. Safety is very important and should be taken seriously, so now I go the extra mile to ensure the safety of myself and others in everything I

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