narrative essay about family

Topics: Mother, Family, Father Pages: 1 (393 words) Published: November 29, 2013
I think my mother is wrong for picking a right man for her. it was back in 2004 when my father left my mother and my family with another woman. But it made me realize to enjoy, love and support my family even without a father figure We used to be a one big happy family. We always go outside and eat after my father’s work. But it was started back when February 2004 when my father said to my mother that “kailangan kong kumita ng malaki dahil nagsisilakihan na ang mga anak mo”. So my father is always away from our home. My mother had a suspicion that my father got another woman especially when two of my sisters got hospitalized due to dengue. my father is in charge to take an eye for them, but he left them. My mother got mad and wonders why did my father just leave them alone. After that they always got huge fights. So every Friday, my mother and I spy unto his office. Then in may 2004 when my mother saw a picture of a woman in my father’s clutch bag. And someone told that to my mom my father is seeing someone. Then my mother confronted him and asked him . “sino ito, ito ba yung kabit mo?!” My dad denied and said “wala akong kabit! Officemate ko lang yan! Then my mother believed him. But my mother keeps on stalking him and she knows what the woman’s name is, where she works. And September 2004 My mother goes to her office. And told her boss that “pinatulan ng kabit nya yung tatay na may walong anak. Mahiya naman siya sa sarili niya” and it’s October 2005 when my dad left without me knowing because I was in school. I still have no idea that my dad really left us. but in my birthday last 2005 when I officially met the woman my dad seeing on pavilion hotel. It was never easy for me and my family at first. But after he left, my dad changed his attitude towards us. I just miss how much he loves us. But I realized that it’s okay that he’s not here. At least I have my mother and my siblings to take care of me. I still know that we are one big happy family without him....
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