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Topics: Tobacco smoking, Pulmonology, Passive smoking Pages: 2 (494 words) Published: May 7, 2012
Kevin Rosas

Persuasive Essay

Mr. Ortiz
Jan. 24th 2011
Period 5

Smoking has decreased significantly in the United States over the last twenty years. Depictions/pictures of smoking in movies and on television, however, are on the rise. Smoking is a very harmful and damaging substance in one’s body. Effects of smoking can hurt someone’s health conditions, but others say it’s not so bad; but do they really know what smoking does to them? Here are some negative effects on what smoking can really do to one’s body.

A negative effect that smoking can cause is Respiratory Illness such as shortness of breath. Respiratory illness causes shortness of breath which reduces and limits a person’s capacity to run and walk for a long distance. This shortness of breath can lead to a more severe illness such as Asthma. But many people with respiratory illness don’t know they have asthma, until one day they have an asthma attack and die. But there is an even bigger effect that is caused by smoking that can really damage our most valuable organ of all.

One of the biggest effects of smoking is caused in the most important organ of all, the heart. When smoking becomes a habit in a person’s life, it causes heart disease. A person’s risk of a heart disease and heart attack increases by how many cigarettes the person smokes. People who smoke a pack of cigarettes a day have greater chances of having a heart attack than nonsmokers. Cigarettes smoke not only affects smokers, but affects people around them to develop the risk of health problems, especially children. But other people think differently about smoking and say it’s good.

But smoking can help people by relaxing them when they are stressed out. Also smoking reduces hunger so you’re on a average 15 pounds lighter. Yes, smoking does help you feel relaxed and helps you lose weight, but while your smoking and trying to relax, did you know that you can get lung cancer by smoking? Lung cancer is a severe disease that can...
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