Narrative Essay

Topics: Question, Interrogative word, Answer Pages: 2 (737 words) Published: August 15, 2011
Many people may say that they go through many disappointments in life but im pretty sure we all can say that at some point in time in life. Life is full of obstacles that slow you down. Some even say you have to fail to succeed. We all have different sayings for this crazy thing called life but, we have to take what is given to us even if its negative and try to make into something positive. It was a morning in March, I anxiously went to the DMV to take the permit test it was my birthday so of course I was really excited and nervous at the same time. After I had been sitting more than thirty minutes, waiting and praying that I would get nothing but easy questions so that I would past with no problems at all, an old, short woman was sitting at the front desk and she called my number to come up to her desk.

Her outfit was very wacky. She spoke to me and then handed me a clipboard with info that needed to be filled in the blanks so I filled it out and she proceeded with the permit test process. She tested my eye sight by having me look into a microscope and call out the letters that I saw on different rows. After she took my picture and had me proceed to the back where I would began taking the test. My heart was beating so fast and my palms were sweaty. As I proceeded to the back I approached a line of other people also waiting to take the test I couldn’t stop thinking to myself “what if I fail” “what I fail.” The line began to move up and I was only two people away from taking the test.

After about twenty minutes I heard a lady say “next in line please” I walked to the desk and handed her a paper that she needed from the first desk in order for me to take the test. She told me to go to computer number one I began to approach the computer and on the screen it asked what state was I in. I clicked Maryland, it then told me my options to be able to skip go back and etc. It asked me basic questions as an example on how to use the different maneuvers on the...
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