Narrative Essay

Topics: Marriage Pages: 2 (1062 words) Published: April 29, 2014
Sarah Bublitz
Narrative Essay

Have you ever had someone you had a rocky relationship with that doesn’t leave you alone? Well, I have. I’m divorced from this man and he still continues to bother me. He is always around and I can’t get rid of him. You might ask me why and I’ll tell you. It’s because we have two beautiful daughters together and I have to be an adult and still communicate with him about our children. Why can’t he be an adult, I have no idea. I’m still trying to figure that one out after three and a half years.

My story begins when I met him. I had a son from a previous relationship who was 5 months old at the time. He asked me out on a date and it was great. He accepted me having a son and wanted to meet him. Next thing I know we are officially dating. After a while things began to be weird. I noticed he didn’t think like other people or that common sense wasn’t there. After about six months I found out I was pregnant and really wanted to make things work. We had our daughter and then it got real bad. We fought a lot about him not being around and being gone from the home all the time.

Next thing I know he broke up with me saying I was too much to handle and didn’t talk to me for a month and our daughter at the time was only three months old. I also found out it was for another woman from his past. I was devastated. He eventually came back home and said he was not going to pursue the other woman. Now when I look back, that should have been my queue to leave.

Things were different with him back home. He would say “I don’t love you as much as you love me” and “I’m not sure what we are yet”. Those words broke my heart into a million pieces. I fought hard though to again try to make things better. Two years later I was pregnant again with our second daughter and his attitude started to change in a better way. So, naturally I thought “ok this is our second child why not marry him?” Well, I did...
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