Narrative Essay

Topics: Blushing, Shame, Embarrassment Pages: 3 (778 words) Published: October 31, 2013

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Teacher: Newcombe Rosa

Narrative Essay

Marcelle Lama

November 8th, 2013

Hope they didn’t hear!
Things aren’t often what they appear to be at first blush. But embarrassment is. It was one of those boring days at school; my friends and I were used to it. Since we were seniors, we used to participate in the morning act on fridays, as usual for other grades, singing the national anthem first and then doing the daily prayers. It was common to start the day hearing the awful intonation of the principal nun, something that we always laugh about. At the end of the act, we all went to our respective classrooms. Hours went by when the bell rang. It was recess, “finally!” I said, I screamed. My friends and I got together again. As we spoke, ate, laughed 30 minutes, all we had, run faster than Felix Sanchez. Happiness was over, but not for much because one of the nuns called Emma entered the classroom, as usual, but this time was different because it wasn’t a complain. She came with a special message for us. We never thought she would say: “Good Morning students, please pick up your stuff, we are going to cathedral therefor, there won’t be more classes for today”. We all looked to each other and smiled, ear-to-ear. We did as she said and went out to make the line. Waiting for the bus at the parking lot of the school, I was talking with my friends while the teacher checked the list. Thirty minutes passed by when the bus arrived. We got into and took the chairs that were on the back to avoid sitting next to the teachers, a normal attitude of the students. All of us were happy because we wouldn’t have to take more classes for the rest of the day and we were missing two hours of Dominican History with the dearest teacher Burgos. While we were driving around the city heading to La Zona Colonial, where the...
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