Topics: High school, IB Diploma Programme, Pinellas County, Florida Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: April 18, 2013

I have consistently demonstrated high academic achievement during my school career. For three years in a row my website was one of the top three websites at the Pinellas County National History Day fair and even moved on to the State competition in the last of the three years. National History Day (NHD) is a rigorous competition that requires students to select a topic based on a theme, create an annotated bibliography that requires students to explain what each source contains, and make a website/paper/documentary/exhibit/play based on their theme. I was able to win with my websites three years in a row and was able to advance to the NHD State competition. My success in NHD was so great that my 8th grade history teacher asked my to come to judge NHD competition at the school level. I felt ecstatic to receive such a wonderful opportunity. It was an amazing experience to go and judge the school level websites and I hope to do many more times. I also choose the most academically demanding program in the county in the IB program. This program requires students to write a college level thesis to get the IB diploma. I have maintained all As since joining this program. Ii also choose to be apart of the Mu Alpha Theta club that is the math honor society. This club requires to you to learn more that what you are taught in a normal math class. I have also been to competitions to put my math knowledge to the test. I am also going for the state competition this month that is the most challenging math competition in the state. I am part of the Academic Team that is a club that tests you on knowledge you learn in school. This club also goes to competitions weekly. Furthermore I am part of the debate team. I want to further better my public speaking and my persuasive speech so I joined this club. I don’t just work on schoolwork. I do all of these clubs in addition to arduous IB workloads. I also just received the Palm Harbor University High school letters and...
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