Narration in Portrait of an artist as a young man

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stephen deadalus – artificer (fake – making own wings for freedom) and cunning, flying and freedom. Images of flight.

Autobiographical novel – fiction and autobiographical at the same time. Early version of the novel was called stephen hero (bildingsroman) development of a character. (kuntsroman) art novel

Joyce is Stephen (from a autobiographical point of view) autobiographical fiction. Stephen is a fictional version of Joyce. In respect of the school stephen went to. Leaving ireland eventually. Being a jesuit.

Epiphany – change something in your life
profound realisation

How is the narrative focalised?
Free indirect discourse, showing not telling the reader about the setting and the characters. From toddler to leaving school the reader is made aware of Stephen's life. Point of view differs due to the narration of the story and representation of the characters. Told in a restricted 3rd person narrator. Someone is talking about Stephen 'baby tuckoo'. How does the language represent stephens infant mind?

The diminutive form of moocow represents the childhood state of Stephen as a narrator. Wetting the bed – childlike association.
Narration – not by Stephen at first, but the change in bed wetting signifies a change in narration. The focalisation fo stephen through the narrator could almost be the same person. Opening – hardly any narration.

Full novel focalised on the protagonist – modernist writing (typical) only focused on the single person. However, in a realist text the pov doesnt shift at all. How does he represent the senses?

Through the smell and warmth of the bed wetting.
Focuses us on the idea that it is an autobiographical fiction novel. How does joyce handle time?
Skips out different times of his life, in the realist novel the narrator tells us time has lapsed and what has happened during. However in a modernist piece – we just skip to certain points that are important to him. THE NARRATOR IN...
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