Narra Sap as Anti-Fungal Agent

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Narra sap: A prospect anti-fungal agent against ringworm infestation

Chapter 1

Background of the Study
Observing that narra sap can heal ringworms faster than commercial products. We conduct this study because of its beneficiary and practicability. And used as a natural medicine for natives in Mindanao.

As we encounter this problem called ringworm, we decided to make a medicinal treatment for it. And we discovered that narra, aside of its other parts, it’s sap also have a medicinal benefit to the people that has ectoparasitic disease called ringworm.

Narra has vast number of traditional medicinal uses reported. Especially from barks extracts. In several regions the shredded bark extracts and the fluid taken orally for treatment of dysentery and diarrhea. In others it is used to treat tuberculosis, headaches, sores and purgative. In the Solomon Islands it is used to treat menstruation and gonorrhea. (

In Vanuatu, it is used to treat cuts and wounds, stomach aches and diarrhea. In Malaysia, juice extracted from the roots has been used to treat syphilitic sores and mouth ulcers. In Indonesia, the young leaves have been used in the treatment of boils, ulcers and prickly heat rashes. In recent years, herbal teas and pills made from the Narra extracts have been popularized in the Philippines for treating a wide range of diseases and ailments including leprosy, menstrual pain, flu, rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes. (

Based on the report, the different parts of the Narra tree particularly the bark, leaves and the roots were used to cure different illnesses. From this reading, the researcher wanted to find out the use of the other parts of the Narra tree particularly sap a medicine.

Statement of the Problem
The main problem of the study is to determine the antibacterial activity of the sap extracted from narra.
In this regard, the researchers are determined to answer the following questions: a. What substance that is present in narra sap that can treat ringworm disease. b. How long does it take the narra sap to treat the ringworm disease.

Research Hypotheses
Ho: There is no significant difference between commercial medicines for ringworms and alternative medicine from the narra sap.
Ha: There is a significant difference between commercial medicines for ringworms and alternative medicine from the narra sap.

Conceptual Framework

Narra Tree

Can treat ringworm

For the people who’s infected with ringworm

Narra Sap

Figure 1:Conceptual Framework

Significance of the Study

The researchers believe that ringworm has been a common disease in rural places so farmers and poor people are affected in this type of skin disease. And we all know that it is a contagious disease. Philippines is one of the countries in the world that has low economic status and cannot afford commercial products that can heal this. Having this study may help the people especially the unfortunate ones that cannot afford a medicine in treating it because by this study, the researchers are going to test an alternative medicine in treating ringworms.

Scope and Delimitation
This study is limited only to test/prove the effectiveness of narra sap against ringworm infestation. The anti-ectoparasitic substance that is present in narra sap may help our research study. In this study, we need to cultivate the ringwotm and put it in the petri dish, the experimentation will then follow next.

Definition of Terms
 Terms here are conceptually and operationally defined for better understanding of the readers. Narra sap- this is the part of the narra tree. In this study, narra sap will be use in determining its beneficial effects on ringworm infestation. Anti-ectoparasitic- according to studies, narra sap has an anti bacterial effect that may help to our research. Anti ectoparasitic means against from harmful parasites that lives on the surface of a host...
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