Narmer palette

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The Narmer Palette

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Sahara keem
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September 22, 2014

The Narmer Paletter

Around 3000 B.C., Egypt emerged from the twilight of prehistory as one country, united under the single rule of a divine king. Before that, it is generally assumed that the country was divided in two parts : Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt. From then on, the Egyptian kings would rule Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt and one of the many names used for the country would be "Two Lands”. The Narmer palette is a beautifully carved palette, and made of smooth greyishgreen siltstone, is decorated on both faces with detailed low relief. These scenes show a king, identified by name as Narmer. At the top center of both sides of the stone slab, in a rectangular frame called a serekh, Narmer's name is carved: a horizontally fish ("nar") and a vertical chisel ("mer"). Palettes were common daily utensils in ancient Egypt. Like Narmer's palette, they were generally flat and made of stone, with a circular depression carved into one side for grinding eyepaint, or kohl. (Both men and women wore kohl, no doubt for cosmetic reasons, but also as a natural disinfectant and to shield the eyes from the sun's glare.. The palette, which has a shield-shape, is decorated on both sides.The Palette Of Narmer is made of mudstone, which is a kind of shale. It is a flat stone with circular depressions on it.

The Narmer Palette

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Palettes were common utensil of the time. It is believed that this flat stone was used for grinding eye paint. This eye paint was used for both men and women to prevent eye infections and possibly also used to reduce the glare of the bright desert sun. The palette was a votive or gift offering by the King to his "father", the god Amun-Ra. The Narmer Palette holds one of the oldest known specimens of Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic writing. In the front of the Narmer Palette, the sovereign is wearing the White Crown of Upper Egypt, and in the back, the...
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