Narendra Modi

Topics: Gujarat, Gujarati people, Bharatiya Janata Party Pages: 2 (690 words) Published: February 16, 2011
Dear Sir,

Being Gujarati, I am proud to read the article “Modi Unlimited” in Business Today dated 23rd January, 2011. The article is on Gujarat and especially on our beloved chief minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi. It’s very interesting to read how proactive vision, restless efforts and humble mindedness can change the face of whole state in span of just 10 years.

After 2002 Godhra incident, unfortunately, Gujarat as well as Shri Narendrabhai Modi had got a black spot to the extent that no wise businessman was willing to come to Gujarat to do business and not even that, the existing ones were also planning to flee off. But if we take that incident, it had became blessing in disguise, as it had became a challenge for Gujarat and Shri Narendrabhai Modi to remove this black spot at the earliest. This ignited the fire and the reforms were initiated. The style of Shri Narendrabhai Modi is very unique to make very Gujarati being proud of what he is. In most of his speeches he uses the phrase “Aapne Gujarati Chhe” (we are Gujaratis), this keep the spirits ignited in the hearts of millions of Gujaratis and that only made BJP won elections with majority in Gujarat State. Rightly said in the article, those who were his critics had also left with no option but to keep mum and start doing business in Gujarat.

He had put benchmark to many states and also for traditional Companies, in adopting the CEO Style professional methodology of work. In one of the incident it has been mentioned about the officer who was playing cards at 6 P.M was transferred as he was not able to give convincing answer to the queries asked from CM office. But the critic should understand, in the age where you are required to stay on your edge, where your CM works till mid-night, how one can play cards at 6 p.m. If he is in club at 6 p.m, it means that he must had left his office at 4 p.m. One should understand that he is working for the chief minister who had delayed his lunch to meet his...
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