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The 1956 Narcotics Control Act
When I was deciding which topics to choose, the word narcotics jumped out at me and I wanted to do a little more investigation with this type of drug. Through my job as a Paramedic, I deal with narcotics on a controlled manor but this Act has nothing to pertain to EMS, unfortunately I want to start where this law was intended for, young adults typically under 21. In the 1950’s the United States had more addicts than any other Western Nations. The Daniel Subcommittee noted that half of all crimes in metropolitan areas were either on or addicted to narcotics. The Subcommittee noted to the Supreme court over a 21 page review efforts to not only control heroin but also called for a sharp increases in maximum and minimum penalties for drug offenses, with capital punishment for smuggling and sales involving heroin, "the most deadly of all."
The Narcotic Control Act of 1956, signed by President Eisenhower on July 18, 1956 and was quickly passed by the Congress with no problems at all. The Act brought into the law exaggerated new presumptions as to possession of marijuana; increased the minimum and maximum penalties for all drug offenses to two-to-ten years, five-to-twenty years, and ten-to-forty years for succeeding convictions; and imposed five-to-twenty years upon first conviction for any smuggling or sale violation, and ten-to-forty years thereafter, with a separate penalty of ten-to-forty years or any sale or distribution by a person over eighteen to a minor, and from ten years to life, or death when a jury so recommended, if the drug was heroin. All discretion to suspend sentences or grant probation, and all parole eligibility-generally available to anyone convicted under any other federal criminal law-were prohibited except for first offenders convicted of possession only.
Narcotic agents and customs officers were given authority to carry guns, to serve warrants, and to arrest without warrant. A new compounding offense was added

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