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Cultural importance

The Narcissus flower is perceived quite differently in the east than in the west. Whereas in the west, the Narcissus flower is seen as a symbol of vanity, in China, the same flower is seen as a symbol of wealth and good fortune. The ancient Greeks believed this plant originated from the vain youth, Narcissus. He died after becoming so obsessed with his reflection in a pool he could not leave. The Greeks say that the gods turned his remains into the Narcissus flower. This also led to the daffodil being a symbol of unrequited love. In ancient China, there is a legend about a poor but good man, who was brought many cups of gold and wealth by this flower. Since the flower blooms in early spring, it has also become a symbol of Chinese New Year. Narcissus bulb carving and cultivation is even an art akin to Japanese Bonsai. If your Narcissus blooms on Chinese New Years, it is said to bring you extra wealth and good fortune throughout the year. On top of that, it has one of the sweetest fragrances of any flower. So it is highly revered in Chinese culture. In Hawaii, the Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii sponsors a Chinese cultural festival, called the Narcissus Festival, culminating with a beauty pageant whose winner is called the Narcissus Queen.[14] (source:

|歷史 : |公元前 800年左右﹐在埃及已 | | |有用法國水仙裝飾的花圈。據記載﹐1629年時水仙品種有90餘個。19世紀30年代後﹐水仙栽培進一步引起重視﹐荷蘭﹑比利時﹑英 | | |國以及隨後的澳大利亞﹑新西蘭和美國等相繼培育出許多新品種。中國水仙 | | |是從地中海區域傳入﹐至宋代逐漸傳開﹐明、清以來廣為栽培﹐並以江蘇嘉定﹑蘇州一帶和福建的漳州及以後的上海崇明地區為栽 | | |培中心﹐至今漳州水仙和崇明水仙馳名中外。 | |型態 : |多年生草本鱗莖球根花卉,高10~60公分不等;葉片細長多呈扁平狀,也有呈管狀的,自鱗莖抽出,平行脈,葉面附有一層霜狀粉 | |...
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