Nappy Recycling

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Nappy recycling plant

Table of Contents
2.Purpose statement3
4.Methods and materials3
5.Nappy recycling advantages3
6.Diaper content4
7.Recycling process4

1. Introduction
Even thought the reusable diapers have been introduced, people still use more and more diapers every year. It is not a secret that human population is growing, so the amount of diapers is growing too. Diapers’ waste is a big problem nowadays. In the UK, 8 million disposable nappies are used every day.  In the past all nappies have been landfilled, but is it really a solution? Nappies take 500 years to decompose and it contains human waste. Fortunately, Knowaste, an organization in UK, which specializes in absorbent hygiene product waste recycling, took it into consideration and created nappy recycling plant in September 12, 2011. The main cause of nappy recycling plant is European directive, which has set targets to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill. The authorities, which do not take it into the consideration, face a landfill tax bill. 2. Purpose statement

Nappy recycling is an important issue and it may bring a lot if advantages in the future. Due to it, this synopsis will overlook the importance of nappy recycling. We will discuss it by focusing on Knowaste nappy recycling plant. The explanation how the process is handled and what advantages it brings for humanity will be made. 3. Delimitation

The delimitation of this synopsis is the narrow choice of information. The nappy recycling plant is very new, opened in 2011 and due to this not a lot of information can be found. The only information, which can be used, is a source of Internet. 4. Methods and materials

We will use the information from Internet as Knowaste nappy recycling plant website and articles associated with diapers recycling. 5. Nappy recycling advantages
There are a lot of advantages...

References: The first nappy plant in UK website
The article 1
The article 2
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