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International Business – Case 4
Silvio Napoli at Schindler India (A)

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1. Was Silvio the right person for the job in India? Be sure to comment on his skill sets, industry knowledge, and personality traits etc. and how they might or might not match the assignment he will be responsible for executing.

Silvio Napoli was the head of Corporate planning in Schindler. The main issues that were to be considered while starting off in India were Stark difference in power as compared to Switzerland which was tackled by Napoli Interpersonal relationships were more important in India as it was a collectivist country as compared to Switzerland and hence Napoli couldn’t realize it at the first stage Polycentrism provided Napoli with local knowledge and his lack of knowledge of Indian market was evident Lack of knowledge of bureaucratic conditions made Napoli impatient and he used to get angry easily when deadlines were not met. He was in fact much more impatient and demanding in Indian context Napoli was strong, single minded, hardworking, impulsive, impatient, goal oriented and enthusiastic and was ready to take challenges. Hence Napoli with his strong European vision along with his group of people developed a company culture which was open, informal, responsive and proactive. Indian market is a highly fragmented market with almost three forth of the whole elevator market was low end elevator market. Customers many-a-times need customized elevator which is against the policy framed in Schindler. So Napoli has to modify his strategy and should perform more customer-oriented strategy. Pros of Napoli:

He built a strong professional team in India
His personality traits will go hand in hand with the new project Cons of Napoli:
He is well adamant about deadlines and hence viewed as stubborn Was reluctant to new ideas (e.g....
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