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Topics: Ayumi Hamasaki, Punishment, Blue Bird Pages: 2 (610 words) Published: February 26, 2014

History Repeats Itself

Money. Power. Scam. It's all over the news, again and again. Right now, upon hearing those things, we will probably know who we are pertaining to. Janet Lim-Napoles and the group.

Corruption was really never new for anyone of us. We've been through these issues since then. Even though that's the case, we hoped, with the new administration, that it would end. But just recently, public was shocked with the revelation of the “10B Pork Barrel Scam”. The fund which was supposed to provide help to those in need, was just enjoyed by those greedy officials and accomplices.

Among the names of those related to this anomaly was businesswoman Janet Napoles, who is considered 'the mastermind'.

Napoles had been the talk of the town this past few weeks since the anomaly was known.

At first, she denied the accusations. Then suddenly, she was “missing in action”. She escaped and hid from the authority and the public. But the most intriguing and interesting part in this story ? Her surrender. Surrender after Pres. Aquino offered a 10M bounty to whomever can bring her back. This was supposed to be normal, a criminal surrenderinng. But what makes it extra-ordinary, is the fact that she surrendered herself to the president. And then, this president escorted her personally to Camp Crame.

Hmm. Isn't that a clear proof of inequality. Is that what he call “daang matuwid”? Well, it just proves what they call discrimination and inequality.

They've said that it was just for safety reasons why the one who has the highest authority needed to escort Napoles to her cell. If we consider that a cell. For in my opinion, it is not. How come that the 'most guilty'' in this case experiences such treatment ? She was the one to choose where she will be staying. Her “cell” is air-conditioned and has complete equipments for a comfortable living. Wow! Whattallife !!

Upon her surrender, different prominent names were connected to the issue....
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