Napoleonic Era and Its Effects Ont Eh French Revolution

Topics: French Revolution, Europe, Liberalism Pages: 2 (478 words) Published: January 24, 2006
In the 1800's France grew quickly into a world empire. Mostly impart of a very bloody revolution during the late 1700's, France encompassed most of Europe and was desperate for more. The self-crowned emperor who brought them many glorious victories in battle was named Napoleon. Some of Napoleons efforts were in vein as he restored an abolished monarchy, abolished most newly gained women's rights, and made peace with the Catholic Church. But he also helped the revolutionaries in many ways. Napoleon overall did more to help the efforts of the French Revolution than he did to negate the revolutions social and political reforms. In1792 when a crowd of Parisians stormed the Tuileries and slaughtered the kings' guards France was a very troubled state. After grain prices quadrupled, the third estate of France led a rebellion and beheaded most of all French Nobles including the King and Queen. The goal was to establish peace in France. During those times people could not afford to feed their families because of a 400 percent increase in the price of grain due to a wild inflation. There was a huge imbalance in the three estates of France, and eventually the lower class became fed up. The main goal of the French revolution was to establish a balance of power within the nation. One of the first things to be established during the revolution was suffrage, or the right to vote, extended to all male citizens. And soon after some women's rights were established. Religious tolerance was pushed through, and the state even set up schools, separate those of the church. France created a secular calendar, and social classes were eliminated. When Napoleon took power he had already been a very successful general for the French Army. He was well loved and even more feared. Napoleon helped most of the reforms instated by the revolution. He set up many more schools under strict government control. He recognized their right to lands they had bought during from the Church and nobles...
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