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French Revolution and Napoleonic Era Worksheet

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French Revolution and Napoleonic Era Worksheet

1. Essay

Explain, in 1,050 to 1,400 words, how the following ideas and ideals influenced the events and motivated the participants in the French Revolution: • Liberty
• Equality
• Brotherhood
• Hubris
• Fiscal irresponsibility
• Democracy
• Technology

The French Revolution took place between 1789-1799. This war helped France gain a of freedom, which they were in deep need of.
​France was ruled as an absolute monarchy by Louis XV, and was later passed to Louis XVI. Due to past wars, France was in deep debt, and sadly, Louis XV lacked the funds to run the state. Later, when the power was passed to Louis XVI, France went into deeper debt, making it even harder to better itself. The King tried improving the financial status France was in, he proposed new reforms, such as taxation, to bring more money in, and that way fix the economy. Of course, equality was a big issue, specially when it came to taxation. When it came to taxation, many of the rich people would skip in paying their taxes, while all the lower class people were being forced to pay with no excuses. Due to a harsh winters, France had a crop shortage, causing an increase in grain, making bread cost a lot more, therefore it became unaffordable, which led to starvation. This also cause many bread riots, leading to mob rule in many places. France was suffering of the widespread of famine, and malnutrition, increasing diseases, intentional starvation, and in some cases, even death. A bit before the French Revolution, the middle class people of France began to embrace Enlightenment ideas. The Enlightenment ideas consisted of personal freedom and all the people being equal. Since the lower class had always been oppressed, the Enlightenment philosophies, the unfair taxed, the famine and the inspiration from the Americans, the lower classes finally stood up, and overthrew the tyrannical rule of the French monarchy. Since France helped America fight with Britain for their liberty, this motivated them to do the same and fight for their rights. They wanted what was fair for all. ​I really believe that back in this time, France faced a lot of challenges, specially women and the lower class people. Inequality was a really big issue, since this only caused a lot of unfairness for everyone, and those with less money were the ones who were actually paying their share, while the rich only enjoyed a good life. Not giving the people a chance to vote and be able to decide for their own what they wanted, and what they thought was best for them only made it worst France was really being treated like they were all prisoners. Britain really took advantage of the fact France was in big debt to do with them whatever they pleased, to tax them as much as they wanted, and sadly, nobody could defend them but themselves, of course, which was all that led to the French Revolution. The fact that the Enlightenment ideas came out really motivated everyone to fight for what was right. They all go to see that there was an opportunity for everyone, and that things could be done right. I feel that if the French Revolution wouldn’t had happened, France could probably still be living under monarchy rule, and things could be a lot worse now.

2. Napoleonic Timeline

For each date and location, identify the significant event that occurred and write a single-sentence description of the event.
August 15, 1769
Napoleon Bonaparte was born.
Ajaccio, Corsica

July 4, 1776
The 13 original colonies signed the Declaration of Independence, in which they declared themselves free of British rule and taxation. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

July 14, 1789
Paris citizens started the French Revolution by storming the Bastille prison and releasing seven inmates. Paris

September 21, 1792
French National Convention...
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