Napoleon Bonaparte

Topics: Louis XVIII of France, Louis XVI of France, Napoleonic Wars Pages: 2 (635 words) Published: October 4, 2011
Napoleon Bonaparte was known as one of the best leader’s, and one of the most famous people in history. He is thought to be the man who saved the French Revolution, a man who spread nationalism throughout Europe. Known as a military genius and won many big and important battles as the French leader. But being such a powerful figure lead to some poor decisions and lead to the downfall. When growing up Napoleon was a great leader and also a very intelligent boy. Of course his favorite subject was history of war, he studied Alexander the great and learned lots about firepower and how it can influence a battle. At just the age of 24, he had much influence in France because of his victories in the battlefield. Because everyone knew Napoleon and saw what he could do he became consul of France in 1802. And on March 20th 1804 he became the emperor of France. At the coronation of Napoleon, he took the crown and placed it on his own head. This was ironic because this showed signs of being a monarch after he got rid of the monarchy. Napoleon was a great leader but he had a few flaws that eventually would lead to the downfall of his leading. One of these flaws was his continental system. The continental system barred British ships and goods. Napoleon thought it would it would mainly hurt the British economy, but he was wrong and it ended up hurting the French and neighboring countries. French allies became foes because the economies were declining, and it was the beginning of the end for Napoleon. The continental system because of it Russia and France had a falling out and Napoleon decided to invade them, or try. On June 24, 1812 Napoleon took 600,000 men into Russia. He initially met little resistance and moved quickly into the Russian mainland, but supplies could not keep up with the marching and either could wagons because of the small dirt roads and bad conditions. As time went on Napoleons men started facing illnesses and also...
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