Napoleon Bonaparte

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Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte: A Military Genius
Carlos Sahagun
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January 31, 2013

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Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte

I chose Napoleon Bonaparte because he is one of the greatest military leaders that has ever lived. As a child, Napoleon excelled in military school and was always ahead of the game. At an early age of 10, Napoleon was accepted into the French Military School of Aristocrats. From there on he came to be one of the most successful and brilliant military leaders of all time.

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Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte: A Military Genius

Napoleon Bonaparte was born on August 14 of 1769 in the Corsican city of Ajaccio. He was the fourth child out of eleven. Napoleon’s father was a member of a well known, noble family. Napoleon began his military education at a young age of ten in 1779. He started his educational career at the French Military School of Aristocrats. He then transferred to the College of Brienne. A more difficult, sophisticated school. While studying at the College of Brienne, he was made fun of for his lower social class and the disability of not being able to speak French very well and his small body. They called him “little corporal”. Although he had to live with unsupporting peers every day, he was always above everyone. When French officials saw his talent, he was promoted and turned into a Second Lieutenant for the French army in 1785.

In 1792, he was in a power struggle between the opposing forces of Pasquale Paoli. This was a struggle for the independence of Corsica. When Paoli was successful, he forced Napoleon and his family to go back to France. As a result of defeat, Napoleon started his new military career in France. He unknowingly started the French Revolution when he defeated the British at the battle of Toulan and regained control of Corsica again. He then moved into Paris and overthrew King Louis the 16th. Soon...

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