Topics: Napoleon I of France, Louis XVI of France, French Revolution Pages: 4 (1213 words) Published: May 4, 2014
What are the defining factors of a genius? When asking oneself this question, one cannot help but identify the term as a measure of exceptional and natural intellectual and creative ability. However, what one often forgets to realize is that a genius is also a self-made person - a product of the cumulative accomplishments he has made for himself - and is not necessarily always born with such natural ability. Napoleon Bonaparte encapsulated all of these factors and truly epitomized the definition of a genius. Through his raw and intrinsic ingenuity and resulting military prowess, Napoleon proved himself to be a highly skilled tactician and strategist, exemplifying his mastery of the battlefield as a military commander. Furthermore, through Napoleon’s achievements in domestic reforms, he significantly improved France politically and economically and made lasting changes to its societal structure. Finally, although Napoleon was a dictator, he was an enlightened one; he ruled over his realm not with tyrannical oppression, but with the ideals of equality and merit that were reflected in France’s revolutionary legal framework. invoking a sense of pride and nationalism in his people.

Napoleon demonstrated his military prowess and leadership as commander-in-chief through his mastery of grand battle tactics and strategies. Manoeuvre sur les derrieres:
In this tactic, his operations were characterized by dividing the army into a number of subdivisions, such as infantry, cavalry, and artillery. These divided troops would travel on separate but parallel routes, and each branch of the army had a specific function in the operation. The cavalry would act as a screen ahead of the advancing army and scout the enemy, gathering intelligence. The army would close up on the enemy, troops on all four sides, forming a square shape around the enemy, and attacking from the front and the rear. Therefore, as a result, the enemy would be forced to make a choice between...
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