Topics: Europe, French people, France Pages: 2 (608 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Jennifer T
Mr. Swither
Wednesday, April 25, 2012
Napoleon – Hero or Villain?
I believe that Napoleon was hero for France because he was doing most of his things for the people of France. He made one of the best Armies in Europe. He is one of the best military commanders and leaders in history. In 15 years of war, it took seven coalitions to finally bring him down. Within five years, Napoleon took power into his own hands. The majority of the French voters thought he was good and approved of his actions. Naturally his enemies, who were the British, Russians, anti-French people, viewed him as a villain. The more great things he did, the more the French viewed him as a hero. Napoleon’s ultimate goal was to make Europe become one under democracy so he could get rid of all wars for good. Napoleon was a military genius and a good leader. With his army, he trained them to be the best that they could. The army was willing to be trained and they were loyal to Napoleon for one reason. He was always fair and rewarded the troops. Although the army was great, the main reason that the French always won was because of Napoleon's military intelligence. He was always unpredictable and this led to many of the victories.

He is not a villain in my opinion. People may believe that he went about conquering Europe for personal glory, but that is completely false. Many Frenchman did die in fact fighting for Napoleon, but they also fought for the ideas of the French republic, which is much more worth fighting for. A true villain is Hitler and his scheme of genocide against the Jews. Napoleon on the other hand, was the first leader to grant Jews equal rights as citizens, because of his belief of equality for all people. Europe was very anti-Semitic at the time, and the European monarchs were outraged, which I think makes Napoleon a very brave and admirable leader. I would very much rather to have lived under Napoleon in France where there was liberty and equality. I...
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